3D printer

3D printer process:
1. Just tap the “Print” button on the computer screen and a digital file will be sent to an inkjet printer, which sprays a layer of ink onto the surface of the paper to form a two-dimensional image.
2. In 3D printing, the software uses a computer-aided design technique to complete a series of digital slices and transfer the sliced information to a 3D printer that stacks successive thin layers until a solid object is formed.

3D printer working steps:
First, it is modeled by computer modeling software, and then copied to a 3D printer using an SD card or a USB flash drive. After the print settings are made, the printer can print them out.
3D printers work in much the same way as traditional printers, and are made up of control components, mechanical components, printheads, consumables, and media. The difference is that the 3D printer mainly designs a complete three-dimensional model on the computer before printing, and then prints out.
3D printing, like laser forming technology, uses layered processing and superposition molding to complete 3D physical printing. The printing process for each layer is divided into two steps. First, a special glue is sprayed on the area to be formed. The glue droplets themselves are small and difficult to spread. Then spray a uniform layer of powder, the powder will quickly solidify and bond when it encounters the glue, and the area without glue will remain loose. In this way, under the alternation of a layer of glue, the solid model will be “printed”. After printing, the loose powder can be removed to “plan” the model, and the remaining powder can be recycled.

3D printing application field:
Currently 3D printing technology can be used in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, construction, engineering and construction, automotive, aerospace and other fields. It is often used in mold making, industrial design, etc. to make models or for direct manufacturing of other products, which indicates that 3D printing technology is gaining popularity. The future will move in more directions.

Post time: Jul-20-2019
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