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3D printing, also known as rapid prototyping, puts data and raw materials into the printer, and prints the product step by step through computer program control to form a product. At present, 3D printers have become a trend and are widely used in the design field. It can print a mold in a few hours, which saves time from development to market and improves efficiency.
However, in some cases, during the printing process, due to unreasonable heating of the raw materials, there is a high possibility of poor fluidity, which may cause the printer’s print head to become clogged.

Common sense about 3D printers
3D printers can be used for the printing of appearance parts, fittings and functional parts. The materials that can be printed are plastic, metal materials, composite materials and so on. In addition, the characteristics of the printed object are also very important for the selection of the 3D printer. The more you know about the characteristics of a printed object, the easier it is to purchase a suitable 3D printer. It can also be selected according to the size of the printing object, whether it needs to be spliced, etc. Generally, the larger the size of the printing, the higher the technical requirements for the printer, and the higher the price of the printer.

Factors for purchasing a 3D printer
1. Purpose. What is the purpose of purchasing an optional 3D printer, just a personal hobby? Is it intended for commercial use or for industrial use? These questions are clear before purchase.
2. Size. The size of a 3D printer is a very important one. Know how big the object is to be printed. Also care about whether the size of this object is suitable for the selected printing platform. When purchasing, be careful not to give up good quality because of the price.
3. Price. Of course, the price is also a factor to consider. Of course, we must consider the use of the printer, and then make an estimate on the price. Then choose the best 3D printer at an acceptable price.

3D Printer M508-01

Post time: Oct-16-2019
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