The compass, also known as Luo Jingyi, is a tool for feng shui detection. The compass consists mainly of a magnetic needle at the center of the disc and a series of concentric circles. Each circle represents an understanding of the level of certain information in the universe. The coordination of the directions between the layers of the compass means the law of the “magnetic field”.

The role of the compass:
The compass has many functions. For example, placing the compass under the pillow can play the role of evil spirits and ensure the quality of sleep. If the compass is placed upright, let the level of oil lubricate to the top. On the night of the fifteenth, lift it to the full moon and tilt it to a 30-degree angle so that love may come to you soon. Also, if you hold the compass in one hand, place it at the height of the chest and abdomen, slowly turn your hand and raise it to the neck. Repeating this action means an increase in wealth. In fact, the compass has many other different roles. The above list is just a few.

Post time: Aug-09-2019
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