How to choose, use and maintain plastic pencil sharpener

Plastic pencil sharpeners are mostly used by children, so how to choose a plastic pencil sharpener suitable for children?

1. Small appearance
The appearance is too big for the use of children is very inconvenient, medium-sized, just to make their little hands steady is not bad.

2. The quality of the outer casing
Many pencil sharpeners have a layer of decoration on the outside, which is not only beautiful, cute, but also suitable to protect the inside of the roll cutter. When choosing, the plastic is very thick and durable.

3. Is the edge of the plastic pencil sharpener easy to use?
Some pencils may become unscrupulous when used. The possible reason is that the work of the plastic pencil sharpener is not very formal, and the pencil cannot be placed normally. There is also a plastic pencil sharpener with a very blunt edge that can’t be cut. In this case, I suggest you change one.

When we use a plastic pencil sharpener, we often cut off a lot of refills, causing some waste. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not cut the pencil without a pen tip. When the pencil is used, there is almost no head, and then use a plastic pencil sharpener to cut.

But after a long time of use, the plastic pencil sharpener will become more blunt. At this time, we can put a piece of sandpaper wrapped in the tip of the pencil into the pencil sharpener. After a slight turn, the plastic pencil sharpener will become very fast.


Post time: Jun-11-2019
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