Plastics Drawing Compasses

In the mathematics and drawing, the plastics drawing compasses is a tool for drawing a circle. The compass is made of metal and plastic, and the size can be adjusted in the middle. The plastics drawing compasses is an indispensable tool for students to learn. It can draw circles of different areas according to the radius. It is a tool for standard drawing.

Method of drawing a compass
First, use a ruler to measure the distance between the feet of the compass as the radius. Next, fix one end of the needle in one place, and use the center of the pencil to rotate one end as a center. A standard circle is drawn.


The plastics drawing compasses drawing needs attention
The height between the feet of the plastics drawing compasses is the same. The compass can be slightly tilted during the circle drawing, which will make the drawn lines smoother. The end with the needle in the process of drawing the circle is fixed. In addition, the radius of the circle cannot be changed during the circle drawing. Finally, because the compass has a sharp side with one side of the needle, be careful when drawing the circle, don’t let the needle stick to your hand.


Post time: Oct-09-2019
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