PVC Protractor

The PVC protractor is a drawing tool. The material is mostly plastic. It can usually draw the required angle, vertical line and so on. The biggest feature of the protractor is the low cost, which is the most suitable for students’ learning purposes.

The size of the PVC protractor is large or small, the small stationery are mainly suitable for students’ learning equipment, and the larger teaching aid is suitable for teachers’ teaching purposes. Some metal mass anglers are suitable for industrial applications such as factories and workshops. The protractor is a must for students to learn everyday. With the continuous innovation of science and technology, the shape of the protractor used by students has been diversified. It is very flexible in use and has high practical value. It is not only simple and beautiful in appearance, but also improves work efficiency.


Manufacture of protractor
The PVC protractor has a wide manufacturing material, low cost, simple structure, easy manufacture, strong practicability and large application market. Among the more than one billion people in China, with the continuous popularization of education, a large proportion of students are involved. And the protractor is an indispensable learning tool, and the market demand is very large. In order to make up for the singularity of the protractor and the inconvenience of carrying and storing, many manufacturers adopt a multi-purpose method, which is usually used in the student’s protractor. A packaged protractor tool includes a right angle device and a ruler. , rounders and compasses.



Post time: Oct-30-2019
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