Soft Rulers

Type of soft rulers:
A soft ruler is a ruler that is relatively soft and can be bent at will. The ruler is usually used when measuring or cutting clothes, and also has a tape used as a learning tool for students. In some places, the soft ruler is also called a ruler. The characteristic of the soft ruler is that it is very soft and can be rolled up at will, which is convenient to carry. Usually, the shape of the tape is a belt-like shape. The scale of a general tape has two sides, one on one side and the other on the other. Then, the main types of tape measure are steel tape measure, fiber tape measure, and the tape measure that is often seen.

There is also a kind of soft ruler which is a soft ruler used for students to learn. The appearance of such a ruler is not much different from that of a normal hard ruler, but it can be bent at will and will not be broken. And the appearance is made into a translucent candy color, beautiful and practical. It is a good partner for students to learn.

Post time: Sep-03-2019
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