The future of 3D printing technology

According to different themes, we forecast the development of the global 3D printing industry from ten perspectives:

1, of the 2,000 manufacturers by 2021, 40% will use 3D printing combined with intelligent machine tools to optimize material use, reducing waste by at least 25%;

2, despite the rapid development of 3D bio-printing technology, 2023 patient-specific durable medical equipment will account for 80% of the commercial medical 3D printing market;

3. With the influence and promotion of trade warfare and automation, more than 40% of manufacturers will promote 3D printing by 2021.

4. In the healthcare sector, by 2022, 75% of new 3D printers will support new materials with properties such as gel and rubber, resulting in $2 billion in new spending related to 3D printing products;

5. By 2021, 30% of global electronics manufacturers will adopt 3D printing and 4D printing to meet the growing demand for scalable and flexible electronic products for IoT applications;

6, by 2023, 50% of industrial and professional 3D printing will be affected by generation design, topology optimization and market software;

7. By 2020, advances in 3D printing will drive more than 50% of aerospace manufacturers worldwide to work with industry standards development teams to formally use 3D printing in advanced manufacturing;

8, in software development, by 2024, 35% of 3D printer CAD files will be protected by blockchain, as companies are looking for decentralized low-cost options to protect digital IP from theft and loss;

9. From the perspective of the consumer market, by 2021 every major international footwear manufacturer will produce, market and sell nearly 100% 3D printed sports shoes;

10. By 2022, 20% of 3D printer equipment manufacturers will adopt the “as-a-service” model as the primary means of reaching out to customers and maximizing their market potential.

From the above predictions, in the next 3-5 years, in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, medical care, electronic information, cutting-edge technology, consumer market, etc., 3D printing technology is expected to achieve greater development, and further breakthroughs in application, 3D The printing industry will also usher in a period of great development.

Post time: Jun-27-2019
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